Android Studio 2.0 crashes on Windows

Google recently launched Android Studio 2.0 with a 3 times fast emulator and a bunch of new useful features such as Instant run. We recently updated our Android Studio to this latest offering with a lot of excitement, but to our dismay it was crashing just a few seconds after startup. After a lot RCA… Read More »

10 opensource iOS libraries for android like UI

Every year, Google keeps on improving their standard User Interface. More and more iOS app developers are looking for Android like UI components to add in their iOS applications. Here are a few we liked MaterialKit – MaterialKit is a highly customizable material design kit for iOS written in Swift. It provides material design buttons… Read More »

Sencha touch blank pages on chrome and android

Getting blank screens when you run your Sencha Touch app? Don’t worry, it’s probably an issue with the latest version of Chrome (v43) instead of your code. Add the below mentioned Sencha overrides to add to your App.js (or application controller) to fix this issue.   Ext.define(‘Override.util.PaintMonitor’, { override : ‘Ext.util.PaintMonitor’, constructor : function(config) { return… Read More »

Top 10 Javascript videos

Whether you like it or not, this age is of Javascript. Many of the new age technologies and frameworks are using Javascript as their primary language. Initially, it was used only on the client side for web development, but now it has moved to server side (node.js anyone) and even to mobile app development (sencha… Read More »

“Classes” coming in ES6(JavaScript)

ECMAScript 6 is the upcoming version of the ECMAScript standard. This standard is targeting ratification in June 2015. Implementation of these features in major JavaScript engines is underway now. One of the main new feature to be introduced in ES6 is classes. Although ES is object-oriented to its core, with powerful, flexible OOP capabilities, yet it… Read More »