Sencha touch blank pages on chrome and android

Getting blank screens when you run your Sencha Touch app? Don’t worry, it’s probably an issue with the latest version of Chrome (v43) instead of your code. Add the below mentioned Sencha overrides to add to your App.js (or application controller) to fix this issue.   Ext.define(‘Override.util.PaintMonitor’, { override : ‘Ext.util.PaintMonitor’, constructor : function(config) { return… Read More »

Swift guide for the C# developer

One of the biggest change in Microsoft’s vision, since Satya Nadella took the steering in his hands, is the focus to mobile and cloud technology. They have also made it clear that it’s not only WindowsPhone development they want to promote, but also cross-platform development using Microsoft tools and technologies. In this pursuit, they have… Read More »

POST data to Google Docs sheet via app

Many a times you want to send data from your app to a backend. To send and store all that data, you need a database and a web service. Creating the web service and a database can cost you money and time. It’ll also most probably give you maintenance issues if you haven’t done it… Read More »

“Classes” coming in ES6(JavaScript)

ECMAScript 6 is the upcoming version of the ECMAScript standard. This standard is targeting ratification in June 2015. Implementation of these features in major JavaScript engines is underway now. One of the main new feature to be introduced in ES6 is classes. Although ES is object-oriented to its core, with powerful, flexible OOP capabilities, yet it… Read More »

Linkedin deprecating rw_nus from API

Linkedin recently announced that they are moving to a more stricter public API under the developer program(effective May 12, 2015). This means, they are restricting use of several REST API endpoints. If you have integrated Linkedin in your app then it is recommended that you make changes in your application as per the new developer… Read More »