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Top 10 Javascript videos

Whether you like it or not, this age is of Javascript. Many of the new age technologies and frameworks are using Javascript as their primary language. Initially, it was used only on the client side for web development, but now it has moved to server side (node.js anyone) and even to mobile app development (sencha touch, phonegap, telerik,etc.).

As the use of Javascript is increasing, more people are looking out for good resources for learning it. We have curated a list of top 10 videos to help everyone from beginners to non-experts, learn JS.

  1. Ok, we said 10 videos, but no JS video list is complete without the famous Crockford series. So first in the list is the playlist consisting of all these videos.
  1. Learning to love Javascript by Alex Russel at Google IO
  1. Maintainable Javascript by Nicholas Zakas
  1. All three videos Addy Osmani’s talk about Scaling your Javascript application at
  2. Garbage Collection & Heap Management by Ryan Sandor Richards
  1. JavaScript ♥ Unicode by Mathias Bynens
  1. Vyacheslav Egorov – LXJS 2013 – Performance and benchmarking
  1. A tale of two MVC’s by Yehuda Katz
  1. 1024+ Seconds of JS Wizardry by Martin Kleppe at JSConf EU 2013
  1. Virtual Machines, JavaScript and Assembler by Scott Hanselman


As we had mentioned before, ECMAScript 6 is coming soon and Dr. Axel Rauschmayer very recently gave a two part talk on how to use ECMAScript 6 today at RSConf.

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