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10 opensource iOS libraries for android like UI

Every year, Google keeps on improving their standard User Interface. More and more iOS app developers are looking for Android like UI components to add in their iOS applications. Here are a few we liked

  1. MaterialKit – MaterialKit is a highly customizable material design kit for iOS written in Swift. It provides material design buttons and text box with ripple effect. Download it from


  1. VCFloatingActionButton – Pioneered by Evernote and then later adopted by Google as a standard UI control, Floating Action Button (FAB) is a very famous UI element in android apps these days. VCFloatingActionButton provides the same look and feel as an Android FAB. Check out the Github page for more details




  1. TimePicker – There have been a few iterations to the default time picker in Android, but we must agree that the latest circular time picker is one the most thought out time pickers. Thanks to the author (Ambhoj Goyal) of TimePicker library, now you can include the same time picker in all of your iOS applications. Fork it from here




  1. MMDrawerController – Navigation drawer is now a very usual design pattern seen in both Android and iOS apps. It started with Android apps and then slowly was accepted by a lot of big names in iOS world. Now it is the go-to navigation pattern for apps with more than 4-5 screens. Android provides an app template to implement navigation drawers in applications, but you’d have to use one of the many libraries to implement this in your iOS apps. Our favorite is MMDrawerController. You can try it out from here




  1. JTHamburgerButton – A hamburger button, aka trigram from heaven, is an icon with three lines which on being tapped animates to a back button. Usually used with Navigation drawers, you can implement it in your iOS apps with this library




  1. MMMaterialDesignSpinner – MMMaterialDesignSpinner is a very simple iOS implementation of Google’s material design spinner. It let’s you change the color and width of the spinner. Try it out from the Github repo




  1. BFPaperTabBarController – Like MaterialKit, this is also a highly customizable UI element. A subclass of UITabBarController that behaves very similar to the Google’s paper tab bar. It supports all material UI animations like the ripple effect. Download the source from here




  1. GoogleMaterialDesignIcons – This github repo provides all the material design icons as a font to be used in your iOS applications. Just add the .swift and .ttf file to your project and you are good to go. More usage details are mentioned on the github page




  1. CardView – Although not a proper library to implement CardView in your iOS app, aclissold’s CardView shows you how to create a simple UIView with rounded corners and drop shadow in iOS, so that it looks like a card view. Check it out on the github page




  1. BFPaperCheckBox – Although the MaterialKit provides ripple effect on Buttons and textboxes, but it fails to give the material check box animation. BFPaperCheckBox provides the Material CheckBox animation with the ripple effect with customizable colors. Try it out


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