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Sencha touch blank pages on chrome and android

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Getting blank screens when you run your Sencha Touch app? Don’t worry, it’s probably an issue with the latest version of Chrome (v43) instead of your code. Add the below mentioned Sencha overrides┬áto add to your App.js (or application controller) to fix this issue.


Ext.define(‘Override.util.PaintMonitor’, {

override : ‘Ext.util.PaintMonitor’,

constructor : function(config) {

return new Ext.util.paintmonitor.CssAnimation(config);



Ext.define(‘Override.util.SizeMonitor’, {

override : ‘Ext.util.SizeMonitor’,

constructor : function(config) {

var namespace = Ext.util.sizemonitor;

if ( {

return new namespace.OverflowChange(config);

} else if ( || {

return new namespace.Scroll(config);

} else {

return new namespace.Default(config);




The above code will also fix the issue with overflowchanged event. It has been tested to work properly on older chrome versions and other browsers as well. Although, precaution and some testing is advised.

For more fixes for issues with chrome v43, check out this post ( on sencha forums.

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