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Linkedin deprecating rw_nus from API

Linkedin recently announced that they are moving to a more stricter public API under the developer program(effective May 12, 2015). This means, they are restricting use of several REST API endpoints. If you have integrated Linkedin in your app then it is recommended that you make changes in your application as per the new developer program. Under the new developer program, only following three endpoints will be available for use.

  • Profile API – /v1/people/~
  • Share API – /v1/people/~/shares
  • Companies API – /v1/companies/{id}

A stricter developer program also means that they are deprecating a few permissions, like rw_nus member permission. rw_nus was used to retrieve and post updates/content to Linkedin. Going forward, applications will require w_share permission to be granted for sharing content on Linkedin.

This newly introduced permission will grant only the sharing capability to an app, whereas you will no longer be able to read any shard content from a user’s Linkedin feed.

So, if you were using the following link to request an Authorization code

Now, you’ll have to ue –

But the API end point still remains same –[TOKEN]

One last thing to note here is that if your users have already granted OAuth permissions which include rw_nus permission then they’ll have to re-authenticate due to this change.

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